Escort services, let’s talk. Though you might have a hard time getting 1 in 5 of your friends to admit that they’ve visited an escort, the sheer volume of escort services advertised on the internet says otherwise.

Escort services or call girls that are legitimate when you need them. I’m Mavros, just a simple guy who regularly uses the services provided by escorts and call girls around the world. There are quite a number of us — according to ‘studies conducted by some universities out there’. As many as 3 in 7 men will attempt to contact an escort or call girl at some point in their lives.

For some of us, escort services help us do away with romantic relationships that we may not be ready for or just don’t have time for. While others might spend pursuing a relationship, I focused on creating a successful enterprise.  I tried some popular dating sites, but to little success. To satisfy my need for a companion, I turned to escort services, though I prefer to call them professionals. Before turning to professionals, I found that more often than not, I’d end up wasting an evening on dating sites as we had to go through the stages of chatting on a dating website

1.Greeting and being casual
2. Bullshitting each other about what you are looking for
3. Eventually coming clean about what you are looking for
4. If lucky, planning to meet up for a date which was seldom the same day or the next.

It was all so sketchy: Most dating profiles didn’t include real pictures, so I had to rely on written descriptions and good old Google. I’d usually need to try a number of profiles, leaving witty messages hoping for a quick response. Even if I made arrangements, there was no guarantee of action.  I can’t recall the number of times I went on wild goose chases; I’d go to a service station and call from a phone booth, and get no answer, trying again a few times before giving up and going to my hotel.

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